Thursday, October 30, 2014

Phoenix Police Officer Arrested for Pointing Gun at Another Driver

This is an interesting case.   Jeremy Sweet is not a rookie.   He is 51 years old, close to retirement.  He has been working at the Phoenix Police Department since July of 2007.  He was transporting prisoners at the time of the incident, driving an unmarked police vehicle.    Not only are the prisoners that he was transporting willing to testify to his actions, but at least one bystander called 911.  There may be surveillance video as well.   From
"He did not get on his police radio," Crump continued. "He did not ask for assistance. He did not document this in any way. In fact, pulled up next to the vehicle, lectured the driver about their driving behavior while the gun was pointed at him, and continued on his way to the jail to perform his duties."
If an armed citizen who was not an officer did this, it is likely that they would be charged with aggravated assault under Arizona law.   The police are asking that Jeremy Sweet be charged with aggravated assault.

Police are seeking one count of felony aggravated assault in the case.
Ubiquitous recording devices are working to make police live up to the same rules that everyone else is expected to follow.

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