Friday, October 24, 2014

What Pistol did Sergeant at Arms Kevin Vickers use?

Smith & Wesson 5946

I would give long odds that it was a Smith and Wesson 5946 in 9mm.   They come with 15 round magazines.   I doubt that the RCMP used the politically correct 10 rounders.

The 3953, above, is also issued, but it is more likely he had the 5946.

The picture is from a discussion of the RCMP pistols on

Another source confirms that the Smith is the choice of the RCMP.  From Silvercore Firerams Training, BC(pdf):
Smith & Wesson 5946 - The Side Arm of the RCMP
Manufactured 1990 - 1999 A double-action-only (DAO) variant of the 5906, this can be visually distinguished from other models by the complete lack of decocker levers. Note that the hole is still there, and is just plugged, so it is hard to tell on a right side shot. The slide is also slightly longer at the back, almost concealing the rounded-off hammer, and the frame matches this contour. Issued at one time to numerous law enforcement agencies, notably the NYPD (not exclusively) and the RCMP.
If you look at the screen shot below, you can see the characteristic outline with the ejection port and the tell tale stainless finish.

Here is a link to the video of Sergeant at Arms Kevin Vickers shortly after the shooting.  He is the larger gentleman with a pistol in his right hand, white hair, and an ID around his neck, in a suit, as shown above.  Below is a screen shot that captures the pistol from the rear.   You can make out the black grips, another confirmation of the 5946 Smith.

Here is Sergeant at Arms Kevin Vickers getting a standing ovation in the House.

Sergeant at Arms, Kevin Vickers.

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Unknown said...
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great Unknown said...

thanks. I was wondering about that. a good man, Sergeant Vickers.

Wireless.Phil said...

In Ohio they want to allow judges to be armed now.
Without training!
No training is the stupidest thing I thing I've ever heard.

Anonymous said...

I am looking for additional information about this case. Did Kevin Vickers use a service weapon or a private one?
If it was a private weapon, did he have an appropriate licence to carry and store it in the parliament building?
Did Mr. Vickers break any law in this case?

Anonymous said...

Can't believe how dupe you are! Mr. Vickers is an EX RCMP officer and our Canadian Parl. has passed a LAW that requires him to carry and CONCEAL a service pistol inside the H&C Chamber every time he is in duty and NOT is personal your home work please before commenting in such deliberated Liberal-Leftist minded manners...:-( said...

The RCMP still uses both the 5946 and 3953 which are approved for both uniform and plainclothes officers. The former is the more common but a significant number opt for the 3953. Issue ammo is usually 147 grain, HST last I heard but they started with the original Ranger SXT.