Monday, October 27, 2014

PA: Police Attitudes Changing

Robbery Suspects
In Pennsylvania, an armed citizen with a concealed carry permit stopped an attempted robbery.   This has become a fairly common occurrence.   The interesting thing about this incident is the response from Police Lt. Todd Unstead.  20 years ago, we often heard police give the advice that "citizens should not take the law into their own hands" or that they should "leave police work to the professionals".   That response is heard far less often today.

We have nationally know law enforcement leaders like Police Chief James Craig of Detroit, and Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee County encouraging armed citizens to protect themselves.    From
One pointed a gun at a 25-year-old city man and tried to rob him, but he retrieved his own gun from his car and pointed it at the robber, city police Lt. Todd Umstead said Friday.
After the police caught the suspected criminals, Lt. Unstead gave this advice:
Umstead said he couldn’t give a “one size fits all” recommendation about when victims should retrieve their own gun during an incident.

It depends on the situation and the individual, he said.

“In this incident, the victim was absolutely justified in taking the action that he did, and was able to successfully thwart the robbery without anyone getting hurt,” Umstead said. “Anyone in that situation has to realize, however, that there is obviously a risk involved in fighting back against an armed assailant, particularly one who has a gun pointed at you.”
 It is good advice.   Assess the risk and make the call.  Each incident is different.  Individuals who take a chance to stop crime make us all safer, and should be rewarded by society.

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