Thursday, October 16, 2014

OK: Retired Minister wins Gunfight with Intuder

Guns are great equalizers.  A retired preacher on dialysis, in his 70s won the fight with a younger intruder who had a shotgun.

"My husband just told me to stay back," Frances Banks can be heard saying during the 911 call.

Cardell peeked out of his bedroom and found himself staring down the barrel of an intruder's shotgun.


Cardell had shot the intruder in the chest. Neighbors say they saw him and a second intruder run out the backyard and jump the couple's fence.

They had ignored the couple's security signs, motion sensors and alarm system before the break-in. The injured man was found under a truck and rushed into surgery at OU Medical Center. The couple were shaken up but are OK.

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