Saturday, October 25, 2014

Students may Pose with Guns: Breaking, Water is Wet

A media source in Omaha is breaking a story.   Students can pose with guns for their senior portraits.

The school board members did not think this was a controversial decision, along with 90 percent of the American public.   They voted for it 6-0.   I am surprised that it even came up for a vote.

Perhaps I should not be, in our ever increasingly politically correct public schools, where nearly all initiative and responsibility have been taken from school boards and teachers by teachers unions and federal and state regulations.   Administrators are terrified to make any decision that might run against the policy desires of the old media.

It is a sign of the times that nearly half of the schools in the area have banned such photographs in craven subservience to political pressures.    From
A district official said a check with a number of Nebraska districts found that about half of them allowed such photos.
 It shows how far the "progressives" have dominated the old media that school boards even considered such a ban.

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I'm sure I've seen that photo and the same kid before, somewhere.