Monday, October 27, 2014

MO:Open Carry March in Downtown St. Louis

The open carry march in St. Louis went off without a hitch on Saturday, 25 October.   In stark contrast to unruly and violent Ferguson demonstrators, the open carry marchers, who celebrated the restoration of constitutional rights under the newly passed amendment 5, were polite, considerate, peaceful, and had no violent interactions with the police.  From, a counterprotestor complained:
Counterdemonstrator Tef Poe, of Hands Up United and the Organization of Black Struggle, said the calm police reaction was in contrast to police behavior at protests in Ferguson.

“When we protest in a similar manner, without guns, they proceed with aggression and arrest,” Poe said.
Except, as anyone who has watched the news knows, the Ferguson protesters have not protested in a manner that is very similar at all.   A commenter,  GeronL at made the following point:
So AI protests people shot by cops, while demanding that only cops carry guns??
Another commenter, cripplecreek noted a similarity with open carry demonstrators in Michigan:
Same way the unionistas complain they were locked out of the state capitol building in Michigan while open carry advocates were allowed to walk around in the building with impunity.
The difference being that the open carry advocates weren’t screaming, hollering, kicking doors and trying to disrupt state business.

This is what you see in open carry marches everywhere.    Open carriers are exemplars of good citizens.   When people see it, they recognize it.    That attracts more activists to open carry marches, and the movement continues to expand around the country.

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