Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Police South of the Border are Often Disarmed

I do not know where the above picture was taken.   I recall that I saw many empty holsters on police in Panama at shift change.   The practice was that the police did not keep a pistol with them; they were issued one at work, and turned it in at the end of the shift.  I vaguely recall seeing a banana or plantain in a couple of them.

I understand that Mexican police generally keep their firearms with them, but several other countries in Central and South America have the same policy as I saw in Panama.   Police in Panama might not take kindly to having their picture taken.   One of my friends sketched the local palace guard during the Noriega regime, and ended up in a Panamanian jail for a week before we could get him out.

I am curious if this practice is seen much in Europe, Asia, or Africa.  

I much prefer the American practice of the police having their own personal arms.   It is likely to increase their proficiency.    Many stalwart defenders of second amendment rights have been police, or spent a career as police.    They are a valuable part of the gun culture in the United States.

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