Thursday, November 13, 2014

GA:Successful Disarm by Homeowner

Jabari Sadler demonstrates the disarm.  You can see the bullet hole in the door.

In a home invasion in Atlanta, a father protected his wife and children with a successful disarm of one of the invaders.

Multiple people were on separate floors of the three level home when the four invaders broke the door down.  It appears that only one home invader had a gun.  He was left guarding the family on a lower floor while the three other invaders rushed upstairs and gathered TVs, phones, and other valuables.

The grandmother was hiding under a bed on the third floor with an infant, on a cell phone to 911.   As the invader with the gun started to pull down the wife's clothing, the father and husband decided to act.   From
Jarabi Sadler said he was waiting for the right moment to attack the intruders.
“While they were doing all that shuffling, I realized he wasn’t holding the gun firmly. He wasn’t holding it strong. So I was waiting for a time when I could attack,” Jarabi Sadler said.

Jabari and Suze Sadler describe the home invasion.

He noted that the armed invader was not holding the handgun securely, waited for the right chance, and made his disarm attempt.   As he and the invader struggled over the gun, it was pointed at the invaders leg, and fired.

It is hard to hold a gun properly and keep your attention focused on hostages while you are trying to disrobe a woman.  

The bullet went through the invader's leg and the bathroom door beyond.  The husband continued to control the gun hand while punching and kneeing the invader.    At one point, the invader said "Ok, I'll go, I'll go, just give me my gun!"    The make, model, or caliber of the gun was not mentioned.

The invader was lucky that the husband and father,  Jarabi Sadler, didn't just shoot him a few more times once he had control of the firearm.   With three more invaders in the house, and an ongoing struggle, he certainly would have been justified.  He did not give the invader the gun, and the wounded man was able to make a temporary escape.

Jarabi did a lot of things right.   He kept his cool, assessed the situation, and took decisive action.   It appears that the family did not have any weapons available, other than hands and feet.  

The suspect who was shot was taken into custody.   The police are still looking or the other three invaders.

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