Friday, February 13, 2015

David Codrea: Bloomberg’s racial disarmament proposal a key to distancing supporters

Cities need to get guns out of the hands of minority males up to the age of 25, Everytown boss Michael Bloomberg told a “sold out” audience at the Aspen Institute Friday. In other words, based on race, the monopoly of violence cultist would deny civil rights to blacks. And while overall statistics point to some troubling generalized trends, to hold an individual accountable for actions of other individuals because they share a racial identity is as evil as any other kind of stereotyping used to deny rights.

“In re ‘sold out crowd – how many would that be?” I asked reporter Karl Herchenroeder, in order to get a handle on how impressive that achievement really was.

“Almost 400,” he responded.

All things considered big deal. I wonder if any were bused in.

Besides, what qualifies as a minority? Is there a level of “white” blood where Bloomberg will accept that his proposed prohibition doesn't need to extend to age 25? Do quadroons or octoroons qualify for full enfranchisement in Bloomberg’s race-based discrimination scheme?

Trying to figure out “progressive” eugenics always makes my head hurt. That and trying to square things with Bloomberg being a minority himself, and recalling that discriminatory “gun control” was a tactic of the “master race”...

The Bloomberg machine will no doubt try to deflect this. They'll claim the guy who pays them to amplify his voice is a humanitarian trying to save minority lives, and that what he was suggesting was for the public good, but there is no act of government overreach that cannot refer back to some pretext of noble intentions. The bottom line is, no matter how his lackeys spin things, Bloomberg is in favor of denying fundamental rights to adults based on their race.

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