Saturday, April 18, 2015

AR: Permit holder wins Gunfight with 20 Shots of 5.7

 A Five-Seven pistol was successfully used for self defense in Arkansas on April 13, 2015.  More than 20 rounds were fired, 20 of them being fired by a permit holder armed with what appears to be an FN 5.7 pistol.  The casing on the left is being held by Henry Richards, who witnessed some of the gunfight.  If you look at the casing closely, it is clear that it is a 5.7.  The identifying characteristics are the rimless base shown by the extractor groove on the bottom, and the beginning of the bottleneck shown at the top.  An additional indicator is that the magazine capacity was 20, standard with the FN pistol.

The pistol, developed by FN Herstal in Belgium, has become popular in the United States for its low recoil and flat shooting cartridge and 20 shot capacity in a pistol that only weighs 26 ounces.

Conway Police say 34-year-old James Allen was the victim of an attempted armed robbery outside a home on Joyner Drive. Allen didn't want to speak on camera but told THV11 he was walking to his car when two men approached him demanding money. When he reached for his gun they shot first. He returned fire and starting running away. According to a police report Allen fired more than 20 rounds in the middle of the street.  

In the screenshot below, Henry Richards illustrates how his neighbor, James Allen, retreated down the street, firing as he ran.  He is said to have fired the complete magazine of 20 rounds.  Notice that the end of the street is a heavily wooded tree line.  The 5.7 is also noted for losing energy quickly, due to its light weight bullets.

Only two of the bullets appear to have caused any collateral damage, and the damage was slight.   One bullet hit a garage, the other struck Allen's own car.
One of the bullets struck a garage and the other struck Allen's car. A Conway police spokesman says they don't have any suspects right now. Allen did provide a concealed carry permit to police and is not facing any charges.
Richards knows Allen, and showed how Allen was firing.  Richards believed the shooting to be justified.

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Wireless.Phil said...

A 5.7 is what that idiot used in the Fort Hood shooting.

Joe Ormerod said...

Ya gotta hit'em to hurt'em...sounds like he was running and just throwing shots behind him!
He is EXTREMELY lucky no innocent bystanders were hurt by his reckless actions. If you don't have a reasonable chance of hitting what you're aiming at, you've got no business pulling the trigger.