Monday, April 13, 2015

WI: Armed Husband stops Crime Spree

Criminals normally commit many crimes before they are caught.  If these crimes occur in a short amount of time, we call it a crime spree.  One of the ways these crime sprees are cut short is that the criminals encounter an armed citizen.  It happened in Madison, Wisconsin, on Friday, the 10th  of April, 2015.  From
Police said two men were arrested after a string of violent home invasions Friday on Madison's west side.
A number of people were victimized, starting with a 90 year old woman, then a 22 year old noticed a burglary in progress at her home and car, and avoided the criminals by running to a neighbor's house.   Then the duo made a mistake in the victim selection process.  From  the article:
Police responding to the Gladstone address took Harrison into custody at the home. Police said the husband at the home confronted the burglars with a firearm. Scott reportedly fled in the vehicle. Harrison and the homeowner got into a brief struggle, which is when the homeowner's gun discharged. No one was injured. Harrison dropped his handgun and the homeowner detained Harrison until police arrived.
How many additional crimes were prevented is impossible to say.

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