Sunday, April 12, 2015

Significant Picture Placement at the NRA Meeting?

My war was the Cold War.  I spent a good chunk of my career helping to develop weapons to counter the communist threat.  A chunk of our intelligence effort was spent attempting to determine what was going on inside of the Soviet Union, who might succeed who in the leadership, and what it might mean.

Watching the NRA and trying to determine what is happening in its internal politics is much like that.  There are the public pronouncements, that tell us some of what happened, after the fact.  While the NRA elections can have a significant effect on select races for the board of directors, the control of the organization has never been in doubt since the late 1990's.

Wayne LaPierre has led the organization since 1991.  That is 24 years.  He has been extremely successful.  While maintaining control of the organization in spite of a membership revolt led by Neal Knox, LaPierre learned from the experience.   He brought the organization more in line with the political desires of the members, who wanted less compromise, and more offense in the protection of the second amendment.

During Wayne's tenure, second amendment supporters have expanded legal concealed carry to all 50 states and most territories.  The Heller case, originally opposed by the NRA, earned its support.   The McDonald decision followed, and  many give the NRA, significant credit for supporting that win with an amicus brief.

I am hearing rumors that Wayne may be considering retirement.  He has done very well with the NRA.  He is nationally known, and loved by more people than he is despised by.    The question is: who will succeed him in the executive vice president spot?  That spot is the chief executive officer (CEO) position in the NRA.  The president's post is largely ceremonial.  That is why the above picture is significant.  Chris Cox is a clear up and coming presence in the NRA.  He is heard from more and more, and many believe that he will be Wayne LaPierre's successor.   The prominent poster showing Chris Cox behind LaPierre, and ahead of Charlton Heston, is exactly the sort of thing a Soviet watcher would attach significance to.

Will Chris Cox be the next executive vice president of the NRA?  No one knows for sure.  But that is the way to bet.

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