Tuesday, April 21, 2015

David Codrea: Reese family files settlement agreement with government on seized property

Wow.  about 1,200 firearms, at say $200 each, and 4,761 magazines, at about $10 each, that is about $300,000 in asset forfeiture.  The Reese family certainly was severely mauled, but it was not destroyed.   I can see where they settled, but a criminal investigation should be done on the prosecution.

Atttempting to bring an end to an ordeal that began in 2011, former gun dealers Rick and Terri Reese filed a settlement agreement with the U.S. government Friday in the District Court of the United States for the District of New Mexico. In addition to over $11,000 and property, the government, if it adheres to arbitration negotiations between attorneys, will be keeping “approximately 1,191 firearms” and “approximately 4,761 ammunition magazines.”

The family will get to keep real property including 85 acres with structures in Deming, gold and silver coins, four vehicles and 17 gun safes. A specific condition that “items being released to Claimants shall be in substantially the same condition they were in when they were seized” is the result of previously seized vehicles being returned with damage and missing parts, Rick Reese tells Examiner. Additionally, seized ammunition and powder “not specifically forfeited” will be sold to the public by a designated Federal Firearms Licensee with proceeds less dealer costs going to the Reeses.

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