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WA: Man who used .357 Sig to stop attacker was Open Carrying

Not certain if the above is the same Brandon Walker from Yakima, but it seems likely.

The man with three children who subdued a man who attacked him with a bat was openly carrying his Sig Sauer .357.  A person said to be the victim's father, Brad Walker, gives more information.  From, in the comments:
The attacker swung full force for his head.
The gun was carried "open Carry"
It was a 357 sig We think this person was trying to get the handgun by knockout hitting him in the head with a aluminum bat.
He side stepped the blow and took the impact in the neck and shoulder he is receiving Dr.s treatment.
He thanks god that no one else was hurt and that he did not have to use lethal force.
I was in law enforcement and during my academy training my son helped me study he knew how to safely defend himself and his family lawfully.
Hopefully this attacker will not be released to hurt other people.
 Brandon Walker was openly carrying that day because of the weather, a common reason for people to openly carry firearms.  From the
Walker was openly carrying his .357 Sig Sauer pistol in a holster that day because he said it was too warm to put on a jacket to cover it. Walker has had a concealed pistol license since March 2013, according to police
It is not clear that the attacker was after his firearm, though that might be the case.  It appears that as Zumwalt was only 20 years old, he could not legally buy a handgun from a dealer.  It does not appear that he was a convicted felon, only that he had a misdemeanor conviction for assault.

Though it may be that we was after the pistol, that is a very unusual situation in the United States.  It often happens in countries where firearms are difficult to obtain legally.

I suspect that the attacker in this case has severe mental problems.  It should not be too difficult to find out.  He was said to be homeless, 20 years old, and the previous conviction for misdemeanor assault was in municipal court.

The case is even more peculiar as Zumwalt is only 5'6", while Walker is 6' 1" and 360 lbs, a big man.

I have not found any mug shots of Trevor Zumwalt.  The above is the only Trevor Zumwalt that I have found on facebook in the Yakima area.

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BearingArms has reported that a friend of  Zumwalt said that he has a long history of mental problems.

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