Sunday, April 12, 2015

Open Carry at the NRA Annual Meeting in Nashville, 2015

There have been  a number of stories written claiming that functional guns are not allowed at the NRA annual meeting in  Nashville.  The New York Times ran  an article, and National Review ran  an  article debunking the claims in the New York Times.  Charles C. W. Cooke does a good job of debunking.   But pictures do a better job.   I noticed some people openly carrying arms inside the media room at the NRA meeting.  Glocks seemed to be favored, but I also saw a 1911 and a J frame Smith & Wesson revolver.  I asked for and took these photographs of three media people openly carrying in fifteen minutes.

The other two open carriers in the fifteen minute interval carried Glocks as well.

I thought the Cold Steel push dagger was a nice touch on the belt.   The carrier said that he was convinced by a Massad Ayoob article.  Notice the folding knife in the back pocket.

I know that there were at least a couple of concealed carriers in the room, because I was confided in by confidential sources.  After all, concealed is concealed.

It is likely that some of the open carried guns in the media room were concealed on the floor of the convention.  The media room is restricted to people in the media, so people are a little more relaxed among their peers.  The NRA has been on the forefront of recognizing the new media.  Two years ago, the number of new media people at the NRA meeting surpassed  those of the old media.

I saw a lot of familiar faces from the Shot Show, and from the Gun Rights Policy Conference.  If you are able to attend one of these events, I highly recommend them.

Update:  More open carry pictures from the media room.

 1911 type.


Glock with peep sight.

Off side.

As the days went on, jackets came off and people were a bit more casual about bending over, and "printing.  I saw a number of people who were clearly carrying concealed... for the most part.

I estimate that about 20 percent of the people in the media room were armed.

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Wireless.Phil said...

Google NRA conference nashville

For NRA, Music City Center to allow guns; Bridgestone won't

4 days ago
The NRA convention is set for Nashville's Music City Center on April 10-12, and it's expected to draw more /2015/04/07/security-assembling-nra-visit/25425587/

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After searching Google for nra conference nashville, click the Google video tab. This is not YouTube.

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Video: and of course some idiot comments taxing guns and ammo.

TN tweaks gun laws ahead of NRA convention
Rachel Maddow reports on the NRA convention that will take place in Tennessee this week, and how attendees will be allowed to carry loaded weapons in the same room that the presumptive Republican presidential candidates will give their speeches. Duration: 15:12