Wednesday, April 15, 2015

CA: Aftermath of Robbery Attempt; 2 Dead, 2 Life Sentences, 2 in Prison for Years

The robbery attempt occurred in June of 2011.  The store owner killed two suspects, the other two robbers fled, and two more were connected to the crime with phone records.

The men entered the store with the plan to rob the premises. Avery was armed and pulled out a gun and attacked the store manager, named in court documents as John Doe.

During the attack, Avery pointed the weapon at Doe’s head and chest. The store’s owner was able to shoot Avery and Brown three times each. Avery and Brown were declared dead at the scene. Clark fled.

A day before the botched robbery, Hunter and Paschall stole a car to be used in the heist. Paschall was a getaway driver to help his co-conspirators flee. Hunter also drove a rented car to be used in the robbery and getaway.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department investigated the case.

During the investigation, Hunter, Clark and Paschall were linked to the crime through DNA hits. Hunter and Paschall were also linked to the crime through phone records. Hunter and Paschall were arrested by the Sheriff’s Department about three months after the robbery attempt.

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