Friday, July 08, 2016

CA: Armed Man Protects wife from 16-Year-Old with Knife

Police said the woman's husband also called police and after completing the call, noticed his wife was quickly being surrounded by the group. The husband armed himself with a handgun before going outside to help his wife. Police said the husband kept his firearm concealed as he broke up the physical fight between his wife and the 16-year-old suspect.

Police said the man and his wife began walking back to their house when two men and the 16-year-old suspect continued to threaten them. When the 16-year-old suspect produced a 6" steak knife and threatened the man, he pulled out his handgun and warned them all to stay back. Despite the warning, the 16-year-old still came at the man, armed with the knife, at which point the man shot her. Police said two of the three rounds struck the 16-year-old and she went down.
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