Monday, August 08, 2016

TX: Possible "Road Rage" Self Defense Shooting

Stephanie Jones said her daughter is fearing for her life, as her son-in-law is being held for what she describes as self defense.

“It was a road rage incident against my son-in-law, my daughter and 10-month-old grandbaby,” said Jones, who was told of the incident by her daughter.

Jones said her daughter has cellphone video of the incident, which started when mud may have been slung onto the 31-year-old gun shot victim’s vehicle.

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Anonymous said...

So, dude had mud slung on his vehicle and it pissed him off so bad that he rammed his car into theirs and then got shot because he did so.

What is there to "investigate further"?

When you try to harm someone by harming their property, when you ram your car into someone and they shoot you, it is your fault you got shot.

Pissed at mud possibly damaging really nice or new paint? Call the cops and file a report, seek damages done and recompense - it is better than getting shot!