Monday, October 09, 2006

AL: Taxi driver kills robber: "A Yellow Cab Co. driver told police he shot and killed a man Saturday night who had robbed him and then had tried to put him in the trunk of his cab. ... [T]he driver picked up a man in East Lake who instructed him to drive down an alley and stop. The man pulled a gun and demanded that the driver give him money, which the driver did. Then the man told the driver to get out of the car because he was going to put him in the trunk. At that point, the driver pulled his own gun and shot the man."

Councilman to Idaho town: Get your guns: "The Town Council in Greenleaf, Idaho, is considering a recommendation that all households keep and maintain guns because of the crime that might come with the encroaching growth from nearby Boise. To date, violent crime is nearly unheard of in Greenleaf, population 890, admits City Councilman Steve Jett, who proposed the ordinance the council will take up Tuesday. Even so, Jett says it's only a matter of time. 'The biggest thing I was looking at is preparation,' Jeff says."

CA: Stupidity gets its reward: "A California Highway Patrol officer shot and killed a man who charged at him with a crowbar in the bushes near a Sun Valley freeway offramp, authorities said. The man's identity was not immediately released. The officer was exiting an Interstate 5 offramp at about 3:30 p.m. when a woman flagged him down and said she had been assaulted by a man who fled into the bushes, CHP Officer Patrick Kimball said. "She told the officer she was slapped," CHP Officer Rick Quintero told KCAL-TV. The officer got out of his car, spotted the man and spoke to him, Quintero said in a written CHP report. The man picked up a crowbar from the ground, "advanced at the officer in a threatening manner and ignored repeated commands from the officer to stop," the report said. "The officer, in fear of his life, fired" and wounded the man, who was pronounced dead at a hospital, Kimball said. The officer was not hurt. Local merchants told KCAL-TV that the man and woman were both homeless people who often were seen picking up cans and other recyclables by the freeway. "From what I understand they're always on the freeway. Other couples told me they're always fighting," said Tarek Hillo, a gas station owner."

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