Tuesday, October 17, 2006

California dreaming: "When it comes to political flips, it would be tough to beat the acrobatics of Assemblyman Leland Yee. In the final 48 hours of the Legislature's 2006 session, the San Francisco Democrat managed to both brag about co-authoring a landmark gun control bill and then, at the urging of Republican gun fans, turn around and help kill the very same bill. The measure, AB352 by Democratic Assemblyman Paul Koretz of West Hollywood, would have required new semiautomatic handguns sold in California to leave a microscopic number on the back of shell casings, to make it easier to identify the offending weapon in a crime. Yee was so tickled at being one of the bill's co-authors that he put out a news release listing it as one of the reasons he was named to an honor roll by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. But when the bill came up for a final vote, Yee apparently had a change of heart, thanks to Republican Assemblyman Jay LaSuer of La Mesa (San Diego County), who argued that the technology for the shell-casing stamps was faulty. The argument wasn't new -- and it hadn't stopped Yee from voting for the bill in the past. Nonetheless, Yee told us that "out of courtesy'' to LaSuer, he had agreed to hold off on his "yes" vote "until something was worked out." Yee, however, didn't bother to tell Koretz of his plans. "And nothing was ever going to be worked out,'' Koretz said. So it came as a surprise when the bill came back to the floor for what everyone figured would be a close vote -- and Yee abstained, beaching the measure."

The concealed carry lie: "Rights are defined by Black's Law: 'A right of ... free action.' Rights are 'inherent' and cannot be extracted from a person. A right is something that you can do without permission. A privilege is something that cannot be done without permission. Rights are granted to me by my creator. Rights and privilege are opposite. Rights and responsibilities are inseparable. Every right implies responsibilities and the only limitation on those rights, is the equal rights of others."

MI: One robber dead: "Grand Rapids police are still looking for two suspects in connection with a robbery that turned deadly. Around 10 p.m. Friday, Alger Heights Foods at Alger Street and Eastern Avenue was robbed for the second time in two years. In the latest incident, police say the employees were directed to the back of the store and tied up by the three suspects. One of the employees broke free, pulled out a gun, and shot Michael Sams of Chicago, one of the armed robbers. Sams, who also had a gun, did not survive. Lt. Paul Warwick of the Grand Rapids Police Department tells 24 Hour News 8 the store manager was legally carrying the gun, as it was registered to him. We spoke with Rick DeYoung who is the owner of the store. He said during the previous crime, in October 2005, masked thieves stole some money and were later arrested. After that incident, DeYoung says his manager started carrying a gun and the store installed a more sophisticated surveillance system. DeYoung says he completely supports his manager's decision to carry a gun."

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