Monday, October 16, 2006

Anti-Gun Mayoral Coalition: "New York City Mayor Bloomberg recently formed an anti-gun coalition similar to the Brady Campaign, entitled 'Mayors Against Illegal Guns.' This group is comprised of 109 mayors from all over the country including notoriously anti-gun cities like Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Chicago, and Boston. ... Your job is to form an informal coalition of your own entitled, 'Citizens Against Anti-Gun Mayors.' If your mayor is a member of the anti-gun coalition you need to expose him or her by calling into your local talk radio station, writing letters to the editor, and telling all of your friends. Then you should try to get 20 or more people together and schedule a group appointment with the mayor."

ID: Babysitter kills bear to protect children: "A northern Idaho baby sitter shot and killed a 422-pound black bear that broke into a backyard where three toddlers were playing. The bear was likely drawn to the yard by the scent of food from a barbecue, said Idaho Department of Fish and Game Conservation Officer Greg Johnson. ... Henslee said her 3-year-old daughter Brooklyn and twin 2-year-old sons Cleo and Charles were playing in the backyard of their home on the Canadian border early last week when Brooklyn alerted their aunt by shouting 'Bear! Bear!' Henslee said her sister looked up and saw the bear running out of the woods toward the backyard. She grabbed the three children from the yard and ran inside the house, shutting the door. After taking the children into a bedroom, the woman loaded a 7mm hunting rifle and returned to the back door, where the bear had pawed the screen door and broken the door frame. When the bear looked away from the door, Henslee said her sister opened the door slightly and shot twice, killing the bear instantly."

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