Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Uninformed opinions: "Concerning the Herald-Journal's Newspapers in Education article 'The Constitution' in the Sept. 18 edition, it pretends to educate on gun ownership rights but misleads toward preordained conclusions. The example illustrating 'violence involving guns' is the 16-year-old who killed 10 people at a high school. The weapons he used were stolen from his grandfather, a police officer. How would gun control have changed that? He opened fire as he entered the school, killing an unarmed security guard. If that security guard had possessed a gun, there might be only two people dead. How could metal detectors, security guards and drills protect anyone if no one has the means of stopping a gun? (Use the detector as a club?)"

AZ: Court rejects self-defense cases: "The Arizona Supreme Court turned away two appeals of lower court rulings that a new state law on self defense did not apply retroactively to cases pending when the law took effect earlier this year. The justices have yet to decide whether to rule in a different case that produced a contrary ruling on the law. The Supreme Court's orders in the two cases, issued without comment, left the reach of the law still in question, attorneys said. The justices turned away petitions filed on behalf of men who argued that their defenses should be permitted to cite the new law, which is considered more favorable to defendants than the law it replaced. One of those two cases involved the since-concluded murder trial in Coconino County of Harold Arthur Fish."

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