Sunday, October 29, 2006

OH: Deadly force vs. self-defense: "Cincinnati Police are investigating another case of a property owner using a gun to protect themselves during a robbery. This latest incident involved the owner of a Winton Place convenience store, who fired on an alleged thief after he was attacked. ... This incident came on the heels of a fatal shooting of a 14 year old boy who was trying to steal a car in Kennedy Heights on Monday. The prosecutor will have to decide if these two property owners were justified in using force. One legal expert believes a jury would have hard time convicting either one. The latest shooting took place at S&S Deli on Winton Road in Winton Place. A male suspect struck the owner with a soda can, wounding his head. Police said the owner then shot the suspect. ... Under Ohio law, the defendant must prove self defense. ... There is currently a proposal in the Ohio legislature to change the current law so that the crime victim doesn't have a duty to retreat."

Is it gun control or evil? "The conventional wisdom on the 'Amish shootings' by Charles Carl Roberts Roberts and other recent school violence maintains that the 'real' problem is just too many guns. Many believe that this horrible crime could have been prevented by stricter gun-control laws. One hundred big-city mayors, including New York's Michael Bloomberg and Boston's Thomas Menino, have formed a coalition to get illegal guns off the streets of their cities where violent crime is on the rise. The mayors want to increase gun control and impose stiffer penalties on illegal weapons traffickers. Students of gun-control's effect on violent crime differ with the mayors' premise, however."

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Anonymous said...

The perp had several weapons, among them a 9MM pistol and a shotgun. He used the pistol which left some survivors. If he had used the shotgun there would have been no survivors. Take away all guns and a 15 year old can build a shotgun in 30 minutes. Single shot, but as deadly as any other. Anti-gun people are simply nuts. Anyone that want to spend a little time can build a bomb, then the death and destruction is not limited to the target but kills everyone around. You can't stop people from killing people by taking guns away, you need a new education system to replace the 'time out' liberal junk (never worked and never will) and teach that punishment goes with misbehavior. A butt busting is a good start and will in most cases be all that is required and there will be one less killer and prisoner on hand.