Thursday, October 19, 2006

FL: Man shot, wife questioned: "A 51-year-old Fleming Island man was killed early Saturday, and Clay County Sheriff's Office detectives suspect he was shot in self defense by his wife. ... Detectives believe that the shooting happened following an altercation between Hampton and his wife, Debra. Authorities said the wife called 911 to report the shooting and she and her teenage daughter exited the home peacefully once deputies arrived. Debra Hampton, 50, was questioned by detectives but was not arrested or detained."

Gun-wielding granny to get medal: "A 67-year-old Brazilian grandmother who shot and wounded a bag-snatcher in Rio de Janeiro will get a medal from the crime-ridden city's legislators even though she faces trial for illegal gun possession. A spokeswoman for the municipal legislative chamber said today that MPs had voted unanimously to award pensioner Maria Dora dos Santos Arbex with the Pedro Ernesto Merit medal, for exceptional service to the city of Rio de Janeiro. On October 8, the retired nurse was walking her poodle in the middle-class neighbourhood of Flamengo when a thief tried to take her mobile phone and purse. Dos Santos Arbex, who said it was the fourth such assault she had faced, took out a revolver and shot the thief in the hand. The man tried to flee but was caught by police, who also charged Ms Arbex with illegal gun possession. She has been released on parole but is awaiting trial. Her case has caused a barrage of criticism against the authorities for doing nothing to contain street crime. Police argue the award sets a bad example, especially since the gun had not been legally registered."

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