Tuesday, October 10, 2006

TX: Man fights back against would-be thieves: "Police say several men went on a violent crime spree overnight, but it came to an abrupt end when their last victim stopped them in the driveway of his southwest Houston home. Several suspects were seen driving around Monday night in a light colored Dodge Durango. Police believe they robbed at least four people beginning around 11pm Monday night. But when they allegedly tried holding up a man on Prudence, the homeowner pulled out his own gun and shot one of the suspects in the leg. That wounded suspect left the scene with the others, but later called police himself and told them he'd been injured."

CA: Politicos back gun control, constituents load up: "Mill Valley mom Joan Rodriguez decided she needed an outlet to release the frustrations that come with running a real estate business with her husband and guiding a teenage son through middle school. So she went back to school. Pistol school. Rodriguez, 47, didn't tell anyone -- not even her husband -- when she signed up for the entry pistol-shooting class at Bullseye Shooting Range in San Rafael. The stigma attached to guns in Marin County made that unthinkable at first, she said. She finally broke the silence several months ago by confiding in one of her son's friends after hearing he had a family member who liked to shoot guns. 'It's fun,' she said. 'It's not a bad thing.' She is not alone. Despite a drop in Marin gun sales over the past five years, sales last year were on par with the rest of the state, and business is brisk at Marin's lone indoor shooting range. The county may have a liberal political bent and a low rate of violent crime -- half that of San Francisco and a third of Sonoma County. But law enforcement officials and gun owners say they would not be surprised if more than half of Marin's residents own guns."

Anti-gunners fabricate studies: "There is an old saying that 'figures don't lie, but liars can figure.' No better proofs of this saying can be found than the literature conjured up in what purport to be anti-gun think tanks or among academics who share the anti-gunners philosophy. The Brady Campaign and the Violence Policy Center are always touting studies or reports, usually funded by those groups or the same foundations that underwrite most of the anti-gun camp."

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