Wednesday, October 04, 2006

PA: 82-year-old bar owner chases off robber: "So this guy with a sawed-off shotgun walks into Josephine's Bar in Midland around 9 p.m. Thursday. But the punchline is: What the guy apparently wasn't expecting was that 82-year-old owner Josephine Slater had a gun of her own, and ordered him to beat feet out of the bar with less than $10 in hand. To make things even worse: Slater, 82, said that about two hours later, the gunman came back to the bar to have a beer. 'I don't take anything from anybody,' Slater, 82, of Ohioville, said Thursday afternoon, seemingly proud and embarrassed at the same time about all the attention she's getting. 'I'm not taking anything from these druggies. I was just standing up for my rights.'"

Not too bright: "Vancouver’s top cop said the homeless man shot and killed by police Sunday made a “poor choice” when he aimed a replica handgun at a police officer. Detective Greg Raquer, 42, shot Douglas Damon, 64, once in the head, according to Vancouver Acting Police Chief Mitch Barker. According to Barker, when Raquer asked to see Damon’s hands, Damon pointed a replica of a semi-automatic handgun at the officer. That’s when the detective fired the single shot. Barker said he’d be surprised if Raquer faces criminal charges for the shooting. “Looking at the replica, I’d consider it a deadly threat," he said."

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Anonymous said...

I own an arsenal, My father started mine when I was 15. He tought me how to shoot and put me in competitive events. I have taken major events and I can shoot with the best and have done so and won many times over. But my favorite thing is to go to 2 eatieries where the local police eat in Huntington Beach and Costa Mesa while retuning from an event while still in my vest and cap with all the awards and such sewn and pinned to it. Nothing beats seing the "gang that can't shoot straight" back in the cities where they work. I started doing it to the H.B.P.D. after taking a beating for nothing in front of my wife. Silient intimidation is a wonderful thing, the jerk cop that gave me a sample of his flashlight on Pacific Coast Highway now gets his miserable ass out of my way when I intrude in his lunch. Dammit don't mess with people you don't know(Especially those of us with no criminal record, It WILL turnaround and bite you in the ass.). I carry grudges.