Saturday, October 28, 2006

PA: Clerk opens fire on hooded intruder: "A would-be burglar learned a valuable lesson this morning at the S&R Market in Hazelwood. Don't bring a rock to a gunfight. A 54-year-old clerk opened fire on a hooded intruder who threw a rock through the window as she slept in a back room at the Second Avenue convenience store. 'It was just reflex,' said the clerk, a Vietnamese immigrant who gave her name only as 'Tina.' 'I really was not aiming at him. Just scaring him.' The three bullets Tina fired from her 'Lady Smith' .357 revolver apparently did not hit the burglar, who ran from the store. Police said Tina will not likely face criminal charges for the 2 a.m. incident, since she is licensed to carry the gun."

More guns, safer schools: "Should teachers and administrators legally be allowed to carry guns to school? This must be seriously discussed in the United States. It seems like the tragedy that struck Columbine High School in 1999 has become more common since then. In light of recent events, President Bush organized a summit on school safety. Of course, the reason these events make the news is because they are in actuality not that common once you consider how many shootings have taken place relative to the number of schools there are in this country."

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