Friday, October 06, 2006

An Armed Teacher In Every School Room - A Dead Child Killer Every Time

Cops don’t prevent crime unless they’re miraculously at the right place, at the right time. Unless there’s an armed cop, 24/7, in every home and every schoolroom in America, the only function they perform is to investigate your death, or your child’s death, after some reprobate molests and blows holes in all of them. Wake up you yellow-bellied, do-gooder, pacifists. If you don’t carry a self-defense weapon, and if the teachers/administrators in your kids’ schools are unarmed and untrained in the use of powerful self-defense weapons, there is no way to deter killers who will stalk your schoolchildren or your families.

I am appalled by FoxNews’ Greta Van Susteren’s stupidity tonight on the subject of protecting the Amish school girls who were killed by a demented sexual predator. Greta said tonight that she "hated" the killer of those Amish schoolgirls. Wow, Greta, you’re talking so tough on a crime of such immensity. You just don’t get it, because you can’t recommend to your huge audience that you, and they, need to protect yourselves. The only good thing that can be said for the impact of this horrendous crime on the parents of those five dead girls is that their killer didn’t have time to carry out his planned sexual molestation of those innocent children before he blew them to pieces.

Someone needs to be armed and ready to kill anyone who threatens our children in their schools. Someone needs to be armed and ready to kill anyone who would harm our families in our homes. Someone needs to be armed and ready to kill anyone who would attack our peaceful communities or our peace-loving organizations.

If you are stupid enough to think that the cops are going to protect you or your loved ones from reprobate sexual criminals or opportunistic attackers, you probably deserve wh... y... ge..... I have a really tough time saying those words. But America has become the land of the armed brave and the land of armed free. Kill the bastards before they can carry out their demented plots to molest, rape, and murder your loved ones.

Arm-up. And I don’t mean some puny little .22 or .25 caliber toy gun. At the very least, you need a .40 or .45 ACP Auto Glock. You need some killing power. Then, if you’re confronted by one of the really bad guys in a justifiable self-defense situation and you don’t have the guts to kill them, at the very least you should blow their private parts all over the classroom before they can do the same thing to your children or grandchildren.


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