Saturday, October 21, 2006

MN: Potential victim turns tables on assailant: "St. Paul police say a potential shooting victim turned the tables on his assailant Monday during an attempted robbery at an East Side convenience store. ... Just after 4 p.m., police reported, the suspect pulled a gun on the clerk at the Blue Neighborhood Store on the northeast corner of Mendota and Fremont Streets. 'The clerk heard the gun go click and then pulled out his own firearm and fired two or three shots at the suspect,' said Tom Walsh, a St. Paul police spokesman."

The deadly lie of pacifism: "The recent spate of horrifying and highly publicized attacks in schools has once again brought attention to a longstanding problem. Unfortunately none of the 'solutions' being suggested touch on one of the real core issues of the matter. The inalienable human right to self-defense and the just and righteous use of violence in exercising that right -- even for children. For decades the teacher unions, national PTA, and a variety of other educational/behavioral 'experts' have actively worked to instill the notion ... that, 'violence never solves anything.' They have instituted 'Zero Tolerance' policies for violence in schools, which mandate suspension or expulsion for anyone participating in any violent behavior such as fighting."

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