Thursday, October 26, 2006

OH: Store Clerk Shoots Man In Apparent Robbery Try: "A Winton Place store clerk has minor injuries, and his alleged assailant has significant gunshot wounds after an attempted robbery Monday night. The struggle happened at the S&S Deli on Winton Road in Winton Place. A police sergeant on the scene said a man came into the store around 8:30 p.m., and started wrestling with the clerk during a robbery attempt. Police didn't know if this was an attempted holdup or a theft that turned into robbery, but the pair ended up fighting in the store. At some point the store clerk received a head injury from a fall, and at another point he was able to get a gun from behind the counter and shoot the suspect. Both were taken to the hospital, the store owner with minor injuries. Police heard the robbery suspect was "not in very good shape" from the shooting, but an official condition from the hospital was not available."

Florida tough guy takes on two armed robbers: It has been a week since police say Christopher Welker, 26, caught two robbery suspects outside his Hollywood, Fla., home, trying to steal the new chrome rims off his truck in the middle of the night. During a scuffle for one suspect's gun, Welker shot one dead and wounded the other. Police agree that Welker acted in self-defense... "The kid," the one killed in the robbery, was Ronald Magano. Welker said he lived only two blocks away, that he had seen him around the neighborhood but didn't know him. Magano and the other man police say was involved, Jason Robert Melendez, 23, also of Hollywood, had long criminal histories, records show.Welker says he knew none of that when he and his girlfriend heard a noise outside their home at about 1:30 a.m. Oct. 7. Welker thought it might just be his neighbor, but went to check. Outside, he found a strange car. Through the windshield, he saw two men, one who quickly pulled a ski mask over his face. The next moment, Welker recalls, the second man was out of the car, putting the barrel of a gun to his neck.... Welker grabbed the barrel of the revolver and two shots went off, he said. Soon, all three struggled for the gun. It went off again. The man in front of Welker fell to the ground. The taller one kept struggling. As they wrestled, Welker pulled the trigger again. "There ain't no more bullets!" Welker said the thief cried. The thief rushed him into the vehicle, he says. Welker pistol-whipped him in the head. The thief grabbed the gun and took off down the street."

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