Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Arizona: Homeowner holds armoured invader at gunpoint: "A man held an armed suspect of a home invasion robbery at gunpoint early this morning until police could arrive, Phoenix officials said. The victim reportedly heard the squealing of tires outside of his residence on Marlette Avenue, north of Bethany Home Road,about 5:20 a.m. He noticed a man peeking through his window and grabbed his gun to investigate, where he found a man in body armor in the yard, police said. He also found flashlights, masks, gloves and a semi-automatic handgun scattered around the yard. The victim held the man at gunpoint until police could arrive. Monti Lyle Jackson, 20, was taken into custody on suspicion of home invasion, according to officials. An additional semi-automatic pistol was found in the suspect's vehicle. Police also found that the suspect's vehicle was stolen. Police are still searching for a second suspect."

Georgia: Jeweller chases off thieves with gunfire: "Bullets were flying among the diamonds Thursday night at a DeKalb County jewelry store. The owner of Starblaze Jewelers exchanged shots with three armed robbers inside the store at 4450 Hugh Howell Road. Some of the bullets went through the walls of the store and into adjoining businesses. Matthew Henderson said he was working next door to Starblaze when two of the stray rounds went whizzing by his face. "All of a sudden I hear two loud bangs and feel something sting my face," he said. "I saw two holes in the wall and went 'Whoa,'" he added. The owner of Starblaze, who did not want to be identified, told police he shot one of the robbers in the leg. Police are searching for the three suspects."

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