Wednesday, January 17, 2007

TN: 84-year-old homeowner shoots intruder : "Memphis police are investigating a home invasion that ended in a shooting. Police say 84-year-old Willie Hancox called 911 around two Friday afternoon to say that he had shot an intruder. Hancox says he fired two shots, hitting an intruder twice in the head. Hancox says he is sick of the crime in his community. "He said if they come in the door, I'm not gonna let them kill me and he meant that," says neighbor, Dorothy Dickerson.... "He did the right thing," says neighbor, Markel Dickerson. "People that's law abiding people is getting tired of being pushed around by the thugs and thieves and dope dealers." That's why Mr. Hancox had a gun, one his sons recently tried to take from him. "We came over here that Saturday morning he said, hey, where's my gun, I need it back. I told him dad, you dont' really need a gun in this house." says Jake Hancox. Jake Hancox says after speaking with his brother, the two decided to give the gun back to their father. Now, both brothers are glad they listened. Jake Hancox says that the situation could have easily ended the other way around. "Maybe somebody looks at the situation here and they might not do it," says Hancox. It's a message homeowners hope criminals hear as loud and clear as a gunshot. The intruder is listed in critical condition.

NRA too weak: ""This coming August I'll have been a Life member of the National Rifle Association 22 years. If you're not a member yourself, it may surprise you to learn that, by the standards of that organization, born just after the War between the States, this isn't particularly long. I know people who've been in the NRA twice as long as I have, and one or two who've been members three times that number of years. It is long enough, however, to make me wonder, as one does upon occasion in any long-term relationship, whether, knowing everything I know today, after 22 years, I'd do it again. Lately, the answer seems to be -- and I'm sure the NRA will be devastated to learn this -- that I'd have to think about it.... and this may be the most important point I'll make, so pay attention—I'd want the NRA to adopt as its principal and publicly-acknowledged objective the repeal or nullification of every weapons law, at every level of government in America. The Second Amendment is explicit about this and requires no esoteric legal interpretation. Check the dictionary meaning of "enfringe" if you doubt my word."

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