Saturday, January 27, 2007

NC: Robber Shot, Killed By McDonald's Employee: "The Mecklenburg County District Attorney will now decide if a McDonald's employee will face charges for shooting and killing an armed robbery suspect. Police said 20-year-old Donte McFadden walked into the McDonald’s on Freedom Drive in west Charlotte around 10 p.m. Thursday wearing a hoodie over his head, gloves and a pair of sunglasses. They say he tried to hold up the restaurant at gunpoint when a worker, armed with a handgun, began a shootout. McFadden and a woman working in the restaurant were both shot. Medic transported the two to Carolinas Medical Center. McFadden died shortly after arriving at the hospital. The worker was hospitalized, but her injuries are not serious, police said. Police have not released the name of the employee who shot at McFadden, but they say he was not injured... In the past, the district attorney has rarely charged a person with murder in such cases. North Carolina law says it’s legal to use deadly force if you feel your life is being threatened."

Pennsylvania: Oldster shoots burglar: "An 82-year-old man shot a burglar who broke into his Stowe home and awoke him early this morning, police said. The unnamed homeowner told police he was awoken about 4:30 a.m. in his house on the 500 block of Woodward Avenue. He told the burglar not to run while he called police, according to Allegheny County homicide detectives. He then fired one shot when the intruder made a threatening move, police said. The burglar was hospitalized in stable condition this morning and will likely be charged. The homeowner probably will not face any charges, police said.


I have just put up one of my occasional posts on my personal blog. There are a few comments about guns toward the end of the post that may be of some small interest to some readers here.

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