Monday, January 15, 2007

Sportsmen need guns: "Houston Astros outfielder Luke Scott slammed an ammo clip into his .45-caliber Glock handgun, assumed the ready position and fired off 10 successive shots in 2.5 seconds, causing shell casings to fly in every direction. The thundering noise of gunshots filled the air and echoed through the trees, briefly disrupting the silence that surrounded his makeshift shooting range on a strip of land just a mile or so from the house he grew up in DeLeon Springs, Fla. "An athlete gets paid a lot of money," he said. "And someone who is after that, a thief, a mugger or someone who steals from people, they are taking a chance with the law that if they get caught, they are going to jail or face some other problem." With a broad smile, he added, "In my case, you are going to get shot."... Many incidents indicate that athletes rely on firearms for self-protection or as a means to resolve an altercation. But estimates on how many professional athletes carry guns, legally or illegally, vary. By Scott's estimation, as many as 20 percent of Major League Baseball players carry concealed weapons, and more than 50 percent own some type of gun. Roger Renrick is familiar with the prevalence of guns among professional athletes. A former Boston police officer, Renrick is now a bodyguard who has worked for Paul Pierce, Antoine Walker and Jalen Rose. Renrick describes gun ownership among NBA players as "very common." "I would probably say close to 60 percent," he said."

Alabama trailer shooting: "Tuscaloosa County Homicide Detectives are investigating the city’s first homicide of the year. It happened Thursday night around 11:00pm at the Old Colony trailer park on Spring Drive in Cottondale. Homicide investigators say a 31-year-old man entered a home and assaulted people inside the trailer. Shortly after, one person inside the trailer shot the suspect. Homicide investigators say that so far no charges have been filed in the case. “It appears that the deceased was breaking into [the] residence and was assaulting the two males in the residence when he was shot, so there is a self defense issue”, says Lt. Lloyd Baker of Tuscaloosa County Homicide. “We will be presenting this case to the grand jury.” The man who shot the victim was transported to DCH, there was no word on his condition at the time of this article’s posting."

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