Thursday, January 04, 2007

NC: Ex-trooper kills assailant: "A retired trooper with the state Highway Patrol says he was acting in self-defense when he shot and killed the boyfriend of a family friend on New Year's Day, according to a sheriff's detective. Robert "Sonny" Moore, 63, killed 24-year-old Travis Worriax with a single shot to his torso, according to sheriff's Detective Lt. Ricky Britt. Moore, who retired as a state Highway Patrol trooper in 1994, could not be reached this morning for comment. "Basically, it will probably be a self-defense case," Britt said. "We're still waiting on the autopsy before it's completely ruled self-defense." According to Britt, Moore suffered cuts to his left arm and his left ear during a confrontation that occurred about 10:30 a.m. Monday on Princess Ann Road. He was treated and released from Southeastern Regional Medical Center after receiving a total of 18 stitches, Britt said. Britt said Moore told investigators the following story: On New Year's Eve, Moore received a telephone call from Lydia Walters, who complained that she was having an argument with her boyfriend, Worriax. Moore said that Walters told him they had both been drinking alcohol and that Worriax had left the home after she had asked him to do so. The next day, Moore went to the home at 1024 Princess Ann Road to check on Walters and was confronted by Worriax. "When he walked around the trailer, Travis jumped out at him and cut him several times with a butcher knife," Britt said. Moore, who traps beavers and carries a handgun strapped to his side, used the .38-caliber revolver to shoot Walters during what Britt called a "tussle."

Australia: The scum didn't die!: "A veteran police officer has told how he feared he would be killed by his own weapon in an assault that ended when he shot his attacker. Senior Constable Gabe Jose, 47, was working on a traffic operation on the Pacific Motorway on the Gold Coast in June last year when he pulled over a car containing three people and became involved in a struggle with 27-year-old Kelvin Luke Cardwell. Both Cardwell and Tatum Spann, 24, have been charged with grievous bodily harm. Appearing in the witness stand at their committal hearing yesterday, Sen-Constable Jose said he was punched, bitten and eye-gouged by Cardwell as he tried to arrest him for allegedly giving a false name during the routine roadside stop. The 24-year police veteran said Spann kicked his capsicum spray away and pulled the baton out of his hand. Jose was then allegedly smashed in the face with his own baton, shearing off three teeth. In response and fearing for his life, Sen-Constable Jose drew his gun, lifted his damaged arm as high as he could and shot at a white blur, he told Southport Magistrate's Court yesterday during cross examination. The single bullet entered Cardwell's abdomen, exited through his back, travelled through Spann's right leg and lodged in her left leg."


In 1939, the Germans move Polish Jews into the Kraków Ghetto as World War II begins. Oskar Schindler, an ethnic German, arrives in the city hoping to make his fortune. A member of the Nazi Party, Schi said...
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In 1939, the Germans move Polish Jews into the Kraków Ghetto as World War II begins. Oskar Schindler, an ethnic German, arrives in the city hoping to make his fortune. A member of the Nazi Party, Schi said...

This is an interesting case and one i have some knowledge of, so i feel i must clarify a number of points. The report could be interpreted as saying that Ms Spann 24 years old disarmed a police officer with 24 years experience of his capsicum spray and baton. This is not the case. Ms Spann merely removed the spray from the vicinity of the ongoing altercation between Chadwell and Jose from the ground where it had been dropped, following this she pulled the baton from both Chadwell and Jose's hands as they wrestled each other for control of it only surrendering it to Chadwell after he repeatedly demanded it from her. In any case Chadwell dropped the baton to the ground without striking Jose before the two disentangled, that the baton was not used is supported by medical reports admitted to the court stating that linear bruising that would be expected from such a blow was not present and that the damage to officers teeth was likely caused by a punch or fall. Chadwell moved in front of the police vehicle leaving the Senior Constable at the passenger guard. At this point the officer draws his weapon at fires a single round at a 'white blur' presumably Chadwell. I guess the Queensland Police Service weapons training differs from the British Army training that my father passed on to myself that demands that a target be positively identified before delivering deadly force or that line of fire does not endanger civillian life. Luckily in this case the bullet inexplicably made a near 90 degree left hand turn after delivering a presumably minor (details of Chadwsells injury were not made available) wound to Chadwells left hand side moving behind him and hitting Ms Spann rather than motorists on the highway directly behind Chadwell. Interestly one of Jose's collegues numbered these motorists and later provided a witness statement on what she observed! I support the responsible use and possesion of firearms and I expect the people charged with the duty of applying the laws of the land to abide by those laws and to administer them justly and with fairness if not they themselves become worse than the criminals that they are supposed to contain.