Thursday, January 11, 2007

Don't let go of your guns!: "From this writer's perspective the absolute best thing to come out of the Presidency of George W. Bush is the fact that so many liberal Democrats have changed their position on gun control. It's as if the scales were lifted from their eyes, they realized that government itself could no longer be trusted ... Former gun grabbers in the hundreds of thousands no longer feel the intense desire to disarm their fellow citizens in the name of a better society ... These liberal Democrats now understand the true nature and purpose of the Second Amendment, it was never designed to enable us to obtain wild game whenever and wherever we liked, it was always about being able to defend ourselves from a corrupt and evil government."

The peace lover, the peace maker, and the NRA: "So how does a peace-loving, anti-war female wind up with a Smith and Wesson .38 Special and a membership in the National Rifle Association? Partly because I'm a country-girl at heart and partly because I believe in Americans' rights to defend themselves. Most of you know me as someone who is passive and a believer in world peace. On the other hand, I was raised in a small southern town so I'm naturally at ease around guns and people who own them. My first experience with guns was at the age of nine when I was first introduced to a 30.06. ... it felt completely natural to hold it in my hands. Since then, I have fired a large number of guns and have been comfortable with all of them as well."

Controversial police shooting of defiant black car thief now okayed: "A police disciplinary board has found that an officer was justified in fatally shooting a teenage car theft suspect after the youth and a friend led officers on a chase, according to a published report. The board decided in a closed-door meeting Monday not to punish Officer Steven Garcia, rejecting an earlier ruling by the civilian Police Commission that Garcia violated police department policy, the Los Angeles Times reported in Wednesday's newspaper.... The shooting of 13-year-old Devin Brown on Feb. 6, 2005, occurred after the boy was spotted driving erratically by police, then led officers on a chase through city streets. Brown eventually lost control of the car and slammed into a wrought iron fence... Brown's passenger fled, and Brown put the car in reverse and began backing up toward police, who were outside their vehicle, weapons drawn, and scraped the side of Garcia's cruiser. Garcia scrambled out of the way and, three seconds later, fired 10 shots at the vehicle, seven of which hit Brown."

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More guns equal more murders in U.S. states: study

No ! Really ???