Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Orleans: Bar owner ready for robbers: "Bar owner Frank Barrera acted quickly and quietly when he spotted two men pulling out pistols as they entered his newly opened Mid-City business Saturday about 2 a.m. Pulling an armed security guard behind a wall next to the bar, Barrera waited a few moments as one of the men grabbed a patron and dragged him behind the bar, and moved toward Barrera's wife, Maria, who had been counting money near the cash register. As the bar customer wriggled free, the guard fired a shot into the robber's torso, dropping him on the spot. "That's the best thing we had to do. I had seen the guys walking in, and that was good. So we got ready," said Barrera, who opened his La Finca Home Plate Inn at 542 S. Jefferson Davis Parkway six weeks ago. "It's very hard to explain because it was so fast and happened in maybe 30 or 40 seconds. It's very scary." He said his wife of 19 years "almost got shot in the head." The 22-year-old wounded suspect died at the scene after taking a pounding from debris thrown onto him by people in the bar, while his companion disappeared on foot, according to witnesses and a bar videotape. Police haven't yet released the dead man's name, but said he is from New Orleans."

Kentucky: Pesky neighbor killed : "A Kenton County man who allegedly shot his neighbor to death Saturday night has not been charged, but an investigation is continuing. Robert T. Pierson, 47, allegedly shot and killed Glenn T. Miller, 53, shortly after 7 p.m. Saturday near Pierson's home on Steep Creek Road, said a news release from the Kenton County police department. Police said Pierson told them that he went outside with a semi-automatic rifle to investigate someone with a flashlight walking in a creek bed beside his house. The person turned out to be Miller, a neighbor. Pierson said he confronted Miller about what he was doing, and an argument ensued "over ownership of the property and dogs running at large." Police said Pierson told them that Miller pointed a handgun at him during the argument, and Pierson fired "several times in self-defense, striking Mr. Miller in the torso." Pierson then called 911. Police found Miller, who had been shot at least twice, dead in the creek bed with a revolver beside him. Pierson told police that dogs had been killing his cats, and that he had shot and killed one of Miller's dogs earlier Saturday."

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As residents of San Antonio, Texas, my husband and I are both licensed to carry concealed weapons. We decided it might be a good idea after Katrina, when much of New Orleans riff-raff was relocated in our fair city. Crime rates went up by 85-90% shortly after, and we sought licensing. We've not had to use them, but it certainly feels good to know we can do so!

Thanks for your site. Keep up the good work.