Saturday, January 13, 2007

Guns in Cambodia: "Cambodia -- Lan Kosal smiles wryly as he breaks down the cost of killing a cow with a rocket-propelled grenade launcher. For $555, Mr. Lan, an arms merchant, says he will take a client to a remote field in the Cambodian countryside to obliterate a bovine with the Soviet-era armament designed to destroy tanks and cause mass casualties. When many Cambodians earn less than a dollar a day, why is this grisly recreation that is popular among backpackers so expensive? "The real cost is the cow. You have to buy it before we let you kill it," Mr. Lan explains matter-of-factly. Many tourists, in fact, aren't interested in firing bazookas at cows or tossing hand grenades at a flock of chickens, another ghoulish attraction offered at the firing range he manages just outside of the Cambodian capital. Most come for the opportunity to fire a few dozen rounds from Cold War weapons like the Russian AK-47 or the U.S. counterinsurgency M-16 rifle, favorites the world over among the armies of developing countries, rebels and paramilitary groups. Each is readily available for target practice and reasonably priced for firing ($30 for a 30-round clip) at the Kambol Shooting Range"

Nevada: North Las Vegas store owner shoots robber: "A North Las Vegas furniture store became the scene of a deadly shooting Thursday night when the store owner shot the person trying to rob him. It happened at Corona Furniture on Civic Center Drive near Lake Mead. Police say the owner was waiting for a late night delivery when he heard a suspicious knock at the back door. He armed himself, and when he went to the back, the robber lunged at him. The owner started shooting, hitting the robber who later died at UMC. Right now, this appears to be a case of self-defense, and there are no charges against the store owner."

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