Sunday, January 14, 2007

Georgia: Shot-out car window identifies burglar: "A Warner Robins man was arrested Thursday at a car wash while vacuuming up broken glass from a window that had been shot out three hours earlier by a Bleckley County homeowner who thwarted a burglary in progress, authorities said. Keith Michael Waugh, 27, was charged with breaking into the home just after noon Thursday, said Houston County sheriff's Sgt. Ronnie Harlowe. The burglar fled in a silver Honda Accord, the victim reported. A car matching the description was spotted at a car wash on Moody Road in Warner Robins by Houston County sheriff's Lt. Jon Holland. Inside the car were stolen financial documents belonging to the Bleckley County resident as well as stolen computers, jewelry, guns, cameras and cash from burglaries in Houston County, Harlowe said.… The Bleckley County man who shot at the burglars was not injured. He had arrived home to find an unknown car with a Houston County license plate parked in his driveway and some of his personal financial information in the open trunk, Harlowe said. The homeowner went around to the back of the house and the intruder ran out the front, Harlowe said. The homeowner fired at the fleeing burglar, shattering the driver's side window, the investigator said. Area police were alerted by radio to look for the car, which Holland spotted at the car wash, Harlowe said."

Alabama: Invader gets sore rump: "A man who was allegedly part of a two-man, home invasion robbery team saw his plans go awry when his victim shot him in the rump during the heist. Two men knocked on Coleman Moody's kitchen door the night of Jan. 5 at his Forrester Drive home. Moody answered the door, and the two men forced their way inside, said Prattville Police Chief Alfred Wadsworth. The men brandished a weapon and demanded money and the keys to Moody's car, a Ford Taurus. Moody complied. But while the men were getting in the car, Moody slammed his kitchen door, locked it, and went to fetch a gun. He then confronted the two men. "He told them to throw down the car keys and get on the ground," said Wadsworth. Instead, the men ran. Moody fired two shots in that direction, hitting one of the men in the rear end. Police have identified both men. Police have yet to publicly identify the alleged robber who was shot. He remains hospitalized for treatment of his wounds. Police arrested his alleged partner, William Franklin Mann, 22... No charges are expected to be filed against Moody, Wadsworth said. "I don't anticipate any," said Wadsworth. "It was those guys' actions that caused their problems. And I don't think they'll go back to that house."

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