Thursday, January 25, 2007

Florida: Brothers Shoot, Beat Home Invaders: "An intended target of an early morning home invasion in Palm Bay thwarted the robber's plans when he shot one of the men, according to police. A second potential home invader escaped. Two men identifying themselves as Palm Bay police tried to get into the Edgewood Drive home around 2:37 a.m. today by jiggling the front door, police spokeswoman Yvonne Martinez told Local 6 News partner Florida Today. Two brothers and a 17-year-old woman were in the house. One of the brothers, Abraham Suarez, ran out of the back of the house to check on his car and confronted one of the would-be intruders. The man hit Suarez in the face with a flashlight, the report said. Suarez screamed for his brother to help. Adam Suarez showed up and shot the man in the leg. Anthony Giuffre, 19, of Sebastian, was taken to Holmes Regional Medical Center in Melbourne where he is in police custody. He faces charges involving the home invasion, and impersonating a police officer. The victims are not facing criminal charges, police said."

Florida: Girlfriend-seeker shot: "A Panama City Beach man reported shooting a home intruder last week who threatened him with a knife after demanding information about his missing girlfriend. The Bay County Sheriff’s Office responded to an emergency call from 19986 1st Avenue on Panama City Beach around 6 p.m. on Jan. 17. The resident, Ray Coogler, had called 911 earlier but hung up before the dispatcher could get any information. A second call from Coogler came in before a deputy arrived to follow up on the first emergency call, saying he had “just shot someone.” A few minutes later a third call was made from the Beach House Bar and Grill on Front Beach Road, just blocks from the residence, calling for EMS because a man had just entered the bar claiming he had been shot. According to sheriff’s reports, Herbert Davis Groover, age 56, of 114 Deluna Place, Panama City Beach, broke into Coogler’s home and confronted him with a knife. Coogler claims he warned Groover that he had a gun after Groover, who continued to threaten him, demanded that Coogler tell him where his girlfriend was. Coogler eventually fired at Groover twice, missing the first shot then hitting him in the leg, said reports. Groover then drove his car to the Beach House Bar and Grill seeking help. According to reports, Coogler claimed Groover’s girlfriend, who allegedly had a domestic altercation with Groover earlier that week, had left for Alabama Tuesday morning after staying at his house Monday evening."

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