Wednesday, November 24, 2010

MO: St. Louis shop owner shoots teen who pulled gun: "A teenager pulled a gun on the owner of a corner grocery Tuesday afternoon, only to have the owner pull her own gun and shoot him in the buttocks, police said. The boy entered Myrt's Northland Market at 2814 North Kingshighway with two other teens, Lt. Ken Lammert said. The owner, Myrtle Dunn, saw the teens take some potato chips and try to leave the store without paying. Dunn demanded they return the goods, and two of the teens did so, Lammert said. But the third pulled a gun on Dunn. She grabbed her own gun from under the counter and fired two shots at the teen, hitting him once, Lammert said. He ran from the store and collapsed on a nearby corner. Lammert said a gun was not recovered from the injured teen, but said one of the other teens might have taken the gun. He said it appeared Dunn's actions were justified."

Landmark SAF Gun Rights Case Against State of NJ: "The Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) yesterday filed its case against the State of New Jersey for violating the Second Amendment rights of its citizens in the form of its arbitrary and capricious permit scheme and its narrow definition of “justifiable need”. The New Jersey Coalition for Self Defense (NJCSD), an in-state Second Amendment rights group, plans to submit an amicus brief in support of the case. “We fully expect the typical anti-gun hysteria predicting Wild West shootouts and streets running with blood,” said Robert Kreisler, President of the NJCSD. “But those fear-mongering predictions have been dragged out every time gun laws are relaxed, and have never come true – ever.” Instead, what has actually happened in states adopting shall-issue policies is that they have experienced a real, measurable decrease in both property crime and violent crime.”

NH: New law to permit brandishing: "A state lawmaker has filed a bill to explicitly permit residents to ward off trespassers by exhibiting a firearm. "We want to make it very clear to the courts that protecting our property is an absolute right," said state Rep. Betsey Patten, R-Moultonborough, who filed the bill at the Statehouse Monday while group outside the Capitol protested the imprisonment of a Moultonborough resident for criminal threatening for brandishing a firearm when a woman trespassed on his property. Patten acknowledged that if the bill were to become law it would not help Ward Bird who is serving a three- to six-year sentenced in State Prison... Bird's supporters claim he never leveled the gun at the woman, but rather took it out of back holster and checked it to assure the safety was on."

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