Sunday, November 28, 2010

FL: Convict killed during home invasion: "Manatee County Sheriff's deputies say a 19-year-old convicted drug dealer was killed when he and another man broke into a home Thanksgiving morning. Officials Friday identified the dead man as Brooklenn Gargar of Palmetto. Detectives say Gargar and another suspect forced their way into a home and fought with Aaron Curry, who then shot and killed Gargar. The second intruder, who has not been identified, fled. Gargar was convicted in 2009 on drug charges. Corrections department records show he was sentenced to a year and nine days in prison but was released May 29 of this year. Detectives don't think this was a random incident.

Ark.: Home invader shot and killed by homeowner: "Police say a Fort Smith resident fatally shot another man during an attempted home invasion robbery. Police spokesman Sgt. Daniel Grubbs says the incident occurred about 7:30 p.m. Friday. Police say 69-year-old James Kennel told them that 27-year-old Chad Cancel entered the home through an unlocked front door, wearing a mask, brandishing a gun and demanding prescription medication. Kennel told police he was forced into a bedroom at gunpoint and was attempting to get the medication when the crying of Kennel's 5-year-old grandson in another room distracted Cancel, who left the bedroom. Kennel told police he armed himself with a handgun and shot Cancel twice when Cancel returned to the bedroom. Grubbs says no arrests have been made and no charges have been filed as a result of the shooting."

Pennsylvania governor vetoes expanded gun use: "Claiming the bill advanced a "shoot first, ask questions later mentality," Gov. Ed Rendell on Saturday vetoed legislation expanding self-defense protections. The bill would have provided the same right to use lethal force in self-defense outside and inside the home. Kim Stolfer of McDonald, chairman of Firearms Owners Against Crime, was optimistic the bill can still become law in 2011 under Republican Gov.-elect Tom Corbett. "I believe by summer it will be law," said Stolfer, citing broad bipartisan support. Corbett has said he would support the legislation. But the bill must start anew in January, after a six-year effort by Western Pennsylvania gun owners to get the legislation to the governor's desk."

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