Monday, November 29, 2010

OR: Barista in Eugene shoots, kills robber: "Two men tried to rob a Dutch Bros. coffee shop Wednesday and police say one of them may have been shot dead by a barista acting in self-defense. The shooting took place about 9 p.m. at a Dutch Bros. near the University of Oregon campus at Franklin and Walnut. Police said at least one of the suspects was armed. The dead man was in the entryway of the drive-through coffee stand, police said. The second suspect got away. He was described as a white man with blonde hair, wearing jeans, brown hiking shoes and zip-up 'puffy' coat with fold-down collar."

Claims Say Safety Bullet Disables Loaded Gun: "Makers of a gun safety device say their product can save lives. The Safety Bullet is said to disable a loaded gun. Distributors tell us it allows an owner to have access to the loaded gun within seconds should an intruder break in. The Montana Shooting Sports Association fears the Safety Bullet gives a false sense of safety and recommends other gun safety measures. "Children check guns by pulling the trigger. Should a child pull the trigger with safety bullet, it will disable the gun and your child is alive." Barrow says Safety Bullet also is an added disabler should an intruder steal your gun and try to use it on you or your family members."

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