Tuesday, November 09, 2010

UT: Homeowner shoots young intruder: "Police say Poulton was killed as he and 18-year-old Derek Sego tried to break into the home near 5600 South and 5100 West. Lt. Don Hutson of the Unified Police Department says the homeowner was unaware of another burglar, but investigators were able to track Sego down after talking with acquaintances of the young men. Around 3 a.m., police say the Kearns homeowner heard noise and saw a person trying to break in the rear glass door. Earlier, a mysterious ring of the doorbell had awakened the family. The homeowner told police at that time, he went outside to look around; so when he later heard the noise out back, fearing an intruder, he armed himself with a handgun. "He fired one round through the glass," Hutson said. "The person ran away, and he immediately called 911." Police found Poulton dead in the street. A local attorney and author believes the homeowner will not be charged with a crime".

NYC gun registry challenged in state’s top court: "The New York Police Department’s four-year-old registry of gun-toting criminals, meant to curb city violence, faces a legal challenge in the state’s highest court. … ‘This court should not allow New York City or any other local government to act without authority in fashioning their own rules to deal with convicted felons in their communities and then argue that these local schemes are beyond review of this court,’ attorney Bruce Austern argued in his brief on behalf of Sean Smith.”

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