Saturday, November 27, 2010

IN: Who shoots first wins: "A 38-year-old southern Indiana man is dead after a shooting late on the afternoon of Nov. 24 and the person who fired the gun that killed him is free. Now that Billy Bledsoe's family says they don't think they're getting justice in his death. Indiana State Police say preliminary indications show Bledsoe was armed with a shotgun when the two men arrived and they shot him in self defense. Adams says even if Bledsoe had a gun, he's not buying self defense claims. "If he pointed the weapon at them, he never had a chance to pull the trigger," Adams said. "These two guys come over there and he had a right to defend his home and they just out drew him and shot him in the chest." He's outraged the two men weren't arrested while his son in law ended up dead."

Ark: Home invader killed: "Fort Smith police said at 7:30 Friday night a man wearing a mask entered the home at 8401 S. 30th Circle in Fort Smith demanding prescription medicine. Police said he came in through the front door, which was unlocked. The homeowner told police the suspect flashed a gun, causing him to pull a gun of his own. The homeowner shot and killed the suspect. There were three other people in the home at the time of the incident, police said. Detectives said the investigation is still in its preliminary stages, but as of now they are not anticipating any charges against the homeowner."

Nasty Canadian cops arrest man who confronted prowlers: "A Burton, N.B., man who confronted prowlers with an unloaded shotgun was charged Monday with possessing a weapon for a purpose dangerous to public peace. Manzer was awoken in the early hours of March 28 by a phone call from a neighbour warning him three prowlers were in the area. (At the time, there had been repeated incidents of vandalism in Burton.) The prowlers had been spotted in the yard of Manzer's neighbour, Brian Fox, around 2:30 a.m., and Fox had gone out to try to catch them. That was when Manzer heard the shouting and went to help Fox. "I grabbed my firearm and went out onto the step," Manzer said. "There was a lot yelling. It was dark; it was hard to see." "I stepped out front with the firearm for my protection and told everyone to be quiet, the police are on the way, don't anybody move," Manzer said."

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