Sunday, November 14, 2010

New Orleans homeowner shoots intruder who allegedly tried to attack, burglarize him: "Lewis said he was inside his FEMA trailer about 7:50 a.m. when he heard someone outside kick down a wooden board restricting access to the space below his two-story house in the 1900 block of Desire Street. Lewis feared someone was after the house's copper pipes. He grabbed his cell phone and a handgun from his trailer and stepped outside to investigate. As a school bus rumbled down the street, he slowly approached a doorway leading into the home and saw Thomas. "Don't move," Lewis said. The intruder was surprised, but he did not obey. He reached for a nearby two-by-four, charged Lewis and swung. Lewis ducked the blow. Thomas raised the piece of wood again; Lewis aimed his gun at Thomas' leg, fired and wounded him. Lewis scurried back outside and called 911. Police and paramedics soon arrived; Thomas was arrested and taken to the LSU Trauma Center"

AL: Liquor store robber killed: "According to Florence Police, 41-year-old Christopher Wade Martin walked in, purchased a soft-drink, then asked for a single beer. Police say when Martin returned to the counter, he attempted to strong-arm the clerk. "He had been in twice before," said Florence Police Investigator Craig Blasingame, "he came in a third time and attempted to take the money out of the register." Police say the package store clerk struggled with Martin over the money and then produced a gun. As Martin tried to escape with what he could grab, the clerk stopped the would-be crook in his tracks. "The robber was shot several times," said Blasingame, "2 or 3, possible all three, but at least twice that we know about." Florence Police say Christopher Martin had been formerly convicted on felony robbery and burglary charges, and was on probation. The case will be presented before the Lauderdale County Grand Jury, but the Chazz Package Store clerk will likely face no charges."

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