Saturday, November 06, 2010

Huge Victory for Pro Gun Candidates in Iowa: "Tuesday was a huge victory for pro-gun candidates across the state of Iowa! Gun owners across the state, and Iowa Gun Owners members and supporters in particular, have dealt a telling blow to the anti-gunners in the State of Iowa. In a nutshell though, pro-gun candidates that IGO ran our election program for picked up 14 additional seats in the House! These are candidates that have answered perfectly on our candidate survey. 2 additional seats were picked up by marginally pro-gun candidates that will likely support us when the time comes. In the Senate, pro-gun candidates that IGO ran our election program for picked up an additional 6 seats!"

British police admit that stricter laws would not have stopped shooting rampage: "Firearms laws should be strengthened in the wake of the murderous rampage in Cumbria by Derrick Bird, an independent report said yesterday. But only "far more fundamental changes" on private ownership of guns could have prevented the tragedy, the UK's senior firearms licensing specialist concluded. Neither measure would have stopped Bird, who had few dealings with the health service and gave relatives no sign of the apparent breakdown which overwhelmed him – probably because of an impending tax inquiry. Whiting told a press conference at Penrith yesterday: "I do not think there are any immediate changes that could be implemented urgently that would have prevented these appalling offences."

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