Friday, November 19, 2010

GA: Two robbers shot: "An attempted armed robbery ended very badly for two robbers at a west Albany home early Thursday morning just before 1 AM. Police say five people were playing cards and pool inside a small house behind the main house at 4412 Woodcrest Drive when two men with guns stormed in and demanded money. Without hesitation one of the five victims pulled out his own gun and started shooting! He successfully shot the first suspected robber then shot the second suspected robber as he was running away. The first robber shot was taken to Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital. The other injured robber later showed up at Palmyra Medical with gunshot wounds. Brian Hatcher lives at 4412 Woodcrest Drive and police say he was one of the victims. We are not sure if he was the one who actually shot the robbers."

OH: Bystander shoots robber: "A bystander who took matters into his own hands may have helped save the day after an attempted supermarket robbery. The man was sitting in his car in front of the M & K Supermarket on Walnut Road in Massillon when he saw a would-be robber pistol-whipping a store employee. The man ran to help, pulling his own gun and wounding the suspect. Massillon police later arrested the suspect, 20-year-old Andrew Robinson. Police said the bystander was not charged in the shooting. They are still looking for a second suspect."

NV: Homeowner 'did the right thing' shooting robbery suspect: "Officers got the call reporting the break-in around 10:30 am Thursday morning. Metro says the three suspects were probably under the impression no one was home. But it turns out they were completely wrong. The suspects knocked on the door and, when the homeowner refused to open, they kicked it in. The homeowner grabbed his gun and, after a series of warnings, shot one of the suspects in the leg. "He didn't come out of the home or chase after the suspect. He maintained his ground," says Metro Officer Jay Rivera. "The weapon is registered, and he did the right thing." The wounded suspect is currently recovering at UMC; the other two suspects fled the scene. Police don't have much to go on other than describing the suspects as two African-American males in their mid-20s."

NV: Righthaven will stop filing frivolous lawsuits over news excerpts: "Copyright troll Righthaven this week promised to narrow its lawsuit campaign in the face of a courtroom defeat, when a judge ruled that a real estate website made ‘fair use’ of a newspaper article from the Las Vegas-Review Journal. … Righthaven no longer plans to sue websites for posting brief excerpts of newspaper articles, the company told a different federal judge in a separate case this week.” [These are the guys who prosecuted Clayton Cramer over his "Armed Citizen" website. Clayton is still not out of the woods however as young Dave posted WHOLE articles on the site on several occasions. With its short extracts, this site should now be in the clear, however]

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