Saturday, November 20, 2010

Montana: Woman shoots would-be robbers: "Banda died after being shot in the head, shoulder and stomach near a residence at 515 S. 35th St. Statements from the 24-year-old woman and the 15-year-old indicate that Banda and the 15-year-old were walking down an alley near the woman's home at 2:40 a.m. Saturday. The 15-year-old told police that he and Banda were going to break into a vehicle, a Chevy Tahoe, on the woman's property. The woman claims that the two men were walking down the alley yelling profanities and that she felt threatened by them. Shortly after that, both victims were shot. The woman apparently used a semi-automatic pistol. One of the men was armed with a semi-automatic rifle. Police are still unclear on whether Banda or the 15-year-old used the rifle, or who fired the first shot. According to court records, Banda had a criminal history involving partner-family member assault, misdemeanor assault, misdemeanor theft and criminal trespassing to a vehicle in Billings Municipal Court."

FL: One robber shot; One escapes: "Twenty-four-year-old Kyree Edwin Wallace was charged with armed robbery and attempted murder for his part in a shooting at The Grand apartment complex in downtown Miami. But police are looking for another suspect. According to Miami Police, Wallace and another man were in front of room 2852 when Wallace pulled out a gun and pulled a shank from the witness' right pocket and motioned that he was going to rob the victim of his marijuana. The victim was allegedly selling pot to the shooter and a co-defendant, Rakif Kamal Gardner. Police said the victim pulled out his weapon and at that point the shooting began. The victim shot the defendant five times, while the victim was shot once in the leg. Police said Gardner ran from the scene with the guns and the drugs."

AZ: Jewelry Store Owner Shoots, Kills Thief: "The owner of a Phoenix jewelry store was forced to open fire on three men who attempted to rob him Thursday morning. According to the owner's son, three men walked into the store and jumped the owner. The owner was struck in the face several times before pulling a gun from his belt and shooting. Phoenix police said one robber was pronounced dead at the scene. The two other robbers fled the scene, police said."

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