Thursday, November 18, 2010

Va.: Kid shot mother's boyfriend in self defense: "The 15-year-old acted in self defense on the September night when he fired pistol blasts at his mother’s boyfriend, Augusta County Judge Charles L. Ricketts III found. She testified that she handed her son the weapon and instructed him not to let the man inside. Gary Wayne Ralston, 54, of Waynesboro, was critically wounded in the shooting outside the home where the boy and his siblings and mother live just north of town. Ralston survived. More than 10 people took the stand, including the teen’s mother, who said Ralston ignored her request earlier that evening to stay away from her home. The mother described Ralston as abusive, controlling and jealous of the time she spent with her children. The woman testified she locked the gate to her driveway, but fell into a frenzy when she heard the sound of Ralston’s car approaching. She said she handed her son a Glock .45 handgun. “What did you instruct [the teen] to do?” Weidner asked. “Don’t let him in the house,” the woman answered. The boy didn’t." As Ralston stepped onto the porch, the teen fired three times, hitting the man in the back, leg and arm. The shots knocked Ralston to the ground"

WA: Evidence suggests self-defense in fatal shooting: "Prosecutor Dave McEachran said the evidence indicates that David H. Baily was acting in self-defense when he fired the fatal blast, which struck William C. Clement, 30, in the abdomen. Jorge Salazar, 19, brought a shotgun over to Baily's house early the morning of Aug. 19 and stored it in an upstairs bedroom. Baily remained upstairs while Salazar returned downstairs. When he got downstairs, Salazar began fighting with Clement. To escape the fight, Salazar ran back upstairs, and Clement pursued him. Once Baily heard the fight, he grabbed the shotgun and ran to the top of the stairs, where he met Clement.
Clement attempted to wrestle the shotgun away from Baily. During their struggle it fired, striking Clement."

Ex-cop shot, killed armed robber: "A former Detroit police officer -- who was acquitted in 2004 of federal civil rights violations -- shot and killed a man on Detroit's east side Wednesday morning during a robbery near his home, police said. Detroit police spokeswoman Sgt. Eren Stephens -- who did not confirm the identity of the former cop -- said two men, one armed with a gun, robbed the former officer at gunpoint. As one of the suspects fled, police said, he fired shots and the former officer returned fire, killing the man. The dead man was identified by the Wayne County Medical Examiner's Office as Prez Holmes, 20, of Detroit. Michigan Department of Corrections records indicate his first name may be spelled "Perrez," and that he may have a criminal history of felony firearm and receiving and concealing stolen property."

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